With Valentine’s day coming up, love and romance is in the air. No doubt there will be a few marriage proposals made and accepted on the 14th of this month. So, we’ve been thinking, this day isn’t just about red roses and chocolates, for some couples it can be the first step on a long journey together.

After the excitement of a wedding and the early days of marriage, the months together become a year – it’s your first anniversary. There are traditional symbols attached to each year for wedding anniversaries with gifts being given in the shape of them. Paper gifts are traditional for the first year, so tickets for a show or a book of love poems might be in order for an intimate celebration for the two of you.

If all goes well and you “live happily ever after” as they say, the years then start to fly by, of course they have their highs and lows, for richer for poorer, for better for worse! Before you know it, you realise you’ve been married for a significant number of years. Then it’s time to celebrate in a big way again with friends and family, just like you did on the day of your wedding.

Party Manors has houses to rent that offer accommodation for large groups, they are ideal venues for a party to celebrate a landmark anniversary such as silver, golden or ruby weddings. We work with you to arrange a very special celebration, from specialist catering to entertainment ideas and any extra special little details. Have a look at our Pinterest board for some inspiration. You can find very detailed information about the symbols associated with each anniversary and their history here.